Welcome to Isabella’s Earth!

IsabellasEarth.com is inspired by the book; Isabella’s Earth and the Forces of Doom – due for release this June!

Isabella’s Earth is a place for kids of all ages to discover fun and creative ways to get involved in helping to save our beautiful Mother Earth.

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Isabellas Earth Love MandalaThe next thing you’ll want to do is print out the Love Earth More mandala above and put it on the fridge or carry it with you as a reminder to buy local more, recycle more, share more and love Mother Earth a little bit more each day.

Our beautiful planet needs your tender loving care now if she is to survive the onslaught of global corporate abuse of her precious resources and total disregard for the delicate balance of nature.

You can help save our beautiful planet (and humanity) by making small changes in your life that together will create a groundswell of cooperative and sustainable living practices.  Let’s get together and get our children back outdoors and reconnected to Nature – there is a beautiful world to discover, nurture and protect.  Together we can begin living in harmony with Nature again, and create a new and better world in the process.

So, get off your computer, put down the phone and go outside!

Wildlife Preservation Clean Water Lush Forests Clean Air

10% of the net profits from Gemaffex.com go to supporting the Isabella’s Earth Foundation around the globe.  Need a gift?  Or maybe a little something for yourself ? Either way you are supporting a great cause!Mala Necklace Check out all the goodies here.