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Isabellas Earth BookSoon after her families’ arrival to their new home in the hills above Florence, Isabella discovers the hidden world of the Elemental Kingdom.  A thousand-year-old prophesy is revealed, and it is Isabella’s destiny to fulfill it by saving her beloved Mother Earth from ecological destruction.

Isabella, along with her younger brother Gianni and their new friends Marco and Luigi, embark on an adventure into a world rarely, if ever seen by humans.

Along the way they discover some of Nature’s greatest secrets, face their greatest fears and come to realize that without their help, Isabella will not succeed in her quest to fulfill the Prophesy.

Enter the world of the Elemental Kingdom and discover the secrets of the Crystalline Chambers, riding wild black dragonflies, a Gnome’s greatest weakness, the life force that connects us all, and that without Isabella fulfilling her destiny, our beautiful Mother Earth will be destroyed.

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